Shannan Layette

Hello! I know, I have been there! It is not easy owning a business!

It is your baby that you want to raise into a profitable adult, who is self sufficient and allows you to enjoy all your goals and dreams.  However, sometimes our business runs our lives,  forcing us to be tied to our phones for customer service, stressing about employees because it is hard to find good staff, and making sure clients pay on time. Then after everything else is taken care of, worry about bookkeeping and making a PROFIT.


I acutally loved to do my bookkeeping because it was simple, putting numbers into the right places and comparing this month to last month.  However, I was not happy nor very profitable. I did not realize the root of my business problem.  I was not using the financial data to my advantage!  Once I was able to use my finanical data to make business decisions, then I was able to take control of my business and become very profitable. 

After reviewing my numbers, I realized I could afford a Director to take care of my customers, so I was not stressed out all the time. I determined that most of my clients came from referrals, so I shifted my marketing money to paying staff well, who made my busines shine and grow.  I also changed my payment system to ensure I was paid the first of each month without processing fees.  Lastly, I was able to articulate why my business was successful and sold it for three times my intial investment.

Every business is different and has it owns needs. However, I do believe that doing your books and understanding your financials, will help you take control of your business, make smart decisions, and allow you to met your business goals.

I hope that I get the opporutnity to meet you, get to know your business, and make your dreams and goals come true!sing my finanical dreams and goals come true!

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